Casino Bonus Terms and their Pitfalls

Every gambler loves to take up generous casino offers - however, you shouldn't forget that all types of bonuses come with various terms and conditions that limit how you can use them as well as their value. In general, the purpose of bonus terms is to discourage what is referred to as "bonus abuse", which would put you at an advantage over the house.

Discussed below are various casino bonus terms, their pitfalls and how you can avoid mistakes that would see your winnings forfeited.

Maximum Win Limits

Many casino deals that sound too good to be true are exactly that. Curacao-licensed online gambling establishments make use of promos within the range of 200% to 500% deposit bonuses to attract new players and encourage them to make larger deposits. Nevertheless, a closer look at the casino bonus terms will uncover the maximum win limit that is usually quite low.

To avoid these pitfalls stay away from bonus offers with a win limit below £1,000, make smaller deposits and don't play high variance games - but more importantly, always read the T&Cs.

Max Bets While Wagering Bonuses

Bonus Term Pitfalls

All UK betting sites have some sort of maximum bet rules to prevent you from hitting overly huge winnings using various promos as this would largely impact their profits. Make sure that you stay within the stipulated bet limit because some operators use this rule to give them a reason to seize your winnings.

Online slot games have a max bet button - ensure that you adjust the coin size to a low figure such that even if you were to hit the button accidentally, it wouldn't go beyond the imposed limit.

Changing Bet Size to Complete Wagering Requirements

Bonus Term Pitfalls

Many gamblers are usually inclined to reduce their bet after a big win to complete the remaining playthrough requirements effectively. What some players don't understand is that lowering the stake will not yield more profits; instead, staying on larger bets will give you more money. However, a man's mindset tends to lean towards spending less to win more.

Remember that lowering your bets while wagering can be lethal as most casino bonus terms explicitly forbid it. Normally, game sites state an exact amount that a bet can be lowered. For instance, in the case of £5, you could be allowed to lower your stake to £2.5. Minor variations are not a problem but significant changes will be viewed as bonus abuse, which will definitely have your earnings stripped off.

Game Eligibility

Bonus Term Pitfalls

Casino bonus terms indicate the games you're allowed to play to fulfill the wagering prerequisites. Usually, this is tricky because there isn't any technical restriction in place to prevent players from indulging in the other titles or restricted games.

All these games have different contributions towards completing the wagering. For example, slots will have a 100% contribution, roulette 50%, craps 20%, and keno 0%. Moreover, the list of the games allowed varies from site to site, which is why you must be aware of this rule to avoid playing games that don't count. Besides, you want to meet the playthrough requirements as effectively as possible.